What KICKballz™ Fans Are Saying

  • "I love KICKballz. It is the perfect substitute for me when I am driving at night and worried I might fall asleep."

    Barbara, Westlake, CA

  • "As a dental hygienist I totally appreciate the fact that not only are KICKballz are great source of caffeine but they don't stain your teeth and because they're sweetened with xylitol they help fight tooth decay. It's also great that they promote fresh breath. I think it is a dental home run."

    Suzi - Dental Hygienist, Los Angeles, CA

  • "KICKballz are my favorite alternative to get energized on-the-go!"

    Henry, Duke University

  • "When ever I need a little pick me up I love KICKballz because unlike coffee they also fight bad breath!"

    Joey, New York City, NY

  • "As a private trainer, many of my clients like to use pre-workout drinks. You get as much of a boost from KICKballz as you do from those drinks and there's so much more convenient. That's why I love KICKballz."

    Jake, Venice Beach, CA

  • "All my life I have been drinking Coffee and tea mainly for the caffeine. I hated how badly those products stained my teeth. I went to my dentist and got my teeth professionally whitened and now I am using KICKballz instead of coffee and tea so that my teeth don't get stained again."

    Marigay, London, UK

  • "As a college student I used to drink five or 6 cups of coffee a night and stay up and study. Not only do I dislike the taste, but all that coffee gave me a stomach ache. Once I switched to KICKballz I felt more alert and I know it's much healthier for me."

    Nazzi, UCLA

  • "Whenever I feel the need for speed KICKballz come to my rescue."

    Mario, Chicago, IL

  • "Whenever I need high performance I can count on KICKballz. I just chew it, and do it!"

    TJ, Columbus, OH